My name is Nawal Soufi and I like to see myself as a migrant daughter of migrants. I live in Catania, Sicily, which is an island that has always been marked by a mix of cultures. I started to care about others’ needs at the age of 14 and in 2013 my telephone number was published, by a group of migrants that I had met a few days before, on several Facebook pages where people willing to reach Europe by boat share the most important information about the crossing. In these posts it was suggested to contact me because of my knowledge of the Italian language and the Arabic dialects, which would allow me to be a link between the migrants and the Coast Guard in case of emergency.

That’s why in 2013 I received my first SOS

Since then, I have been receiving calls for help every day from people that are in danger

During a typical call, the most important thing that I try to do is to calm down the people on the boat in order to avoid a panic situation – which would be extremely dangerous. Right after, I explain to them how to determine their position through the GPS and I forward the coordinates to the Coast Guard. Then, the waiting starts: I try to keep in contact with them until a boat arrives to rescue the migrants. My work is not limited to the management of the SOS calls coming from the sea, but it also involves the assistance given to migrants that are moved to different ports of South Italy, after having been rescued from a death that took many of their friends and relatives. These people are escaping from theatres of war and violence, and along the way they are deprived of everything; when they finally make it to Europe – be it through Italy or Greece – they either don’t have any money, or they only have a small amount that is spent in a short time. They need everything: food, new clothes, often healthcare. Sometimes I am contacted by people living in war zones that cannot buy some specific drugs and therefore need someone that may provide them with such medicines. That’s why I need you: I would like to keep on answering all the SOS calls that I receive from migrants, in an autonomous manner. I need funds to charge some credit on their satellite phones when it is going to finish, to move to the other cities where migrants land, to give assistance, to buy food and clothes for these people that must continue their journey and powdered milk for their children; to intervene when a migrant is being pushed back to an unsafe State through a lawyer or a cultural mediator, to grant a train ticket to someone who has been robbed.

Why this page

I don’t represent any association; instead, I’m acting as a citizen that doesn’t want to close her eyes in front of this humanitarian emergency, which is filling our daily chronicles since too many years.

I have many people close to me that encourage me, but I need your support, even if limited, in order to keep on with this effort. If you want to get to know more about me, here you can see a short presentation video, or read one of the articles that witness my strong commitment towards the migrants.

Thank you very much,

When I was growing up, my father would often call my mother and ask her to make more food for dinner because he had invited some newly arrived migrants to our house. Such hospitality is part of our culture.

Nawal Soufi


Since the first call, I have used all my energy advocating for refugees. I have always been attracted to activismmy parents say I was born with a megaphone in my mouth."

If you want to talk to me directly feel free to use these contacts, i'm available at any times except in cases of emergency.

  • +39 392 686 4673
  • nawalnoborder2@libero.it